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This Artist Liked His Song So Much That He Drew And Animated Its Music Video

"Everything comes from the same source — the same creative spirit."

The new music video for AOE's (Ambassadors of Earth) song "I'm Right This Time" is something out of a dream.

And not just because the scenes for the ethereal, R&B-flavored track — reminiscent of sounds produced by the likes of Frank Ocean and Drake — are trippy visuals of our greatest feats and fears from our slumber.

It's because Phil Beaudreau, who croons the vocals heard on the tune, spent two years hand-drawing and animating the colorful clip.

"I began grinding it out for days at a time to see if I could make a few seconds of billowing smoke, or trace and paint hundreds of frames of my crooked teeth," he told The Creators Project. He added that his art in the video focused on "stuff that would punctuate the music and pop in and out of the screen."

So much of that is seen throughout the clip, as one scene flows outward into the next and continues the fluid yet everchanging story. Every color of the spectrum seems pulled into the sometimes-kaleidoscopic, sometimes-mirrored, and sometimes beautifully chaotic images, for which Beaudreau poured as much as an hour's time into to produce a single second's worth of footage.

But the finished project is a wonderful fusion that's more cohesive than many of its contemporaries.

"AOE doesn't separate sight from sound," the band told FADER. "Everything comes from the same source — the same creative spirit."

Song appears on the group's soon-to-be-released Homecoming EP.


Check out Beaudreau's amazing visuals below:

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