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Watch These Twin Street Performers Play An Amazing Cover Of A Beatles Song On 'Ellen'

"It's cool to break people's expectations and to see their faces."

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Twenty-three-year-old twins Amiri and Rahiem Taylor are making New Yorkers' commutes a little brighter with a little help from The Beatles. They've become known for performing impressive covers of the English rock band on the New York City subway. 

They started street performing as a way to raise some money for a trip to visit their mom in Puerto Rico, but soon received lots of positive attention that encouraged them to continue. Bystanders took videos of their busking and posted them online. A tweet posted last month that featured a clip of them performing went viral, racking up more than 3 million views. "They sound exactly like Lennon/McCartney and it gives me serious chills," the poster wrote on Twitter.


Their talent and internet fame has helped Amiri and Rahiem, who lead the psychedelic rock band Blac Rabbit, land gigs at venues around the city. And today, they even got the opportunity to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  

"The Beatles had always been a big part of our lives," Amiri explained to Ellen. "We started learning the songs when our grandparents bought us this Beatles: Rock Band video game for Christmas, and we had mastered the songs on the game and we decided to actually learn how to play the instruments." 

The brothers often sing in harmony accompanied by an acoustic guitar and bass with an amp. Many have remarked that they sound strikingly similar to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They told Ellen that they enjoy seeing the surprising reactions they get from bystanders. 

"When we play, usually people are expecting Bob Marley or Stevie Wonder or something," Amiri said. 

"It's cool to break people's expectations and to see their faces. A lot of people walk from around the corner and they just hear the music," Rahiem said. "Then, they see us and they're like, 'Whoa, really?' " 

After sharing a little bit about themselves, Amiri and Rahiem headed over to the Ellen stage to show off their impressive talents with a cover of The Beatles song "Eight Days a Week."

You can watch their performance in the video above, which starts around the 2:06 mark.


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