Model Behavior

Ashley Graham Shares New 'Vogue' Photos, Celebrating 'When They Don't Retouch You'

"You make me have so much more confidence."

Model Behavior is a series highlighting fashion models promoting body positivity, and working to create inclusivity and diversity within the industry by expanding our definition of conventional beauty.

Model and activist Ashley Graham has — yet again — shown the world that our bodies are beautiful, just the way they are. 

Recently, the body positive advocate posed for a Vogue Italia spread and shared the photos to her Instagram account, noting that they weren't retouched


"She inspired me to accept my body," one person comments on her Instagram. 

"You make me have so much more confidence," another adds.

Graham has been incredibly vocal over the years about the need for positive messaging when it comes to our bodies. During the 2016 Miss USA Pagent, Graham spoke on behalf of contestants, saying "Pageants now, I'm hoping, are going to start putting curvy and plus-size women in front of the camera."

And in her interview with Vogue, she emphasized self-love. "Look, love the skin you're in ... And be your own role model," she said. 

Finally, Graham has also been named one of Glamour's Women of the Year, and Barbie created a doll who's thighs touched, per Graham's request.

"If I had a Barbie that was my size, I would have thought my size was normal, she told HuffPost when asked about the doll. "Young girls now get to grow up seeing that their bodies are normal, which I think is so empowering and encouraging to the younger generation."

We love to see Graham continuing to empower people all over the world in all that she does. Check out more from her recent Vogue spread below:


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