Mental Health Month

These Temporary Tattoos Help People Struggling With Their Mental Health Cope And Connect

"You are worth it."

May is Mental Health Month.Throughout the month we will bring you stories about mental health and the importance of breaking surrounding stigmas, as well as highlighting those who live with related conditions and are advocating awareness.

In 2011, Francesca Timbers was diagnosed with optic neuritis, a condition that causes inflammation of the optic nerve and can lead to vision loss. It is also a precursor to multiple sclerosis. Timbers was in her final year of college when the condition landed her in the hospital, and she battled anxiety and depression along with the diagnosis.


During her journey, she decided to turn the negatives into positives by creating a line of motivational temporary tattoos.

The psychology student from London began to wear the temporary tattoos to help her stay positive. When friends began asking for them, Timbers launched her own Etsy Shop, Motivational Tattoos.

Today, the Motivational Tattoos Etsy shop stocks a range of multicolored, bandage-shaped temporary tattoos with encouraging sayings like "You're Worth It," "This Too Shall Pass," "I Am Enough," and "Treat Yourself." 

Motivational Tattoos has also expanded to included pins and stickers. They feature self-reward messages such as "I asked for help," "I remembered to breathe," and "I survived a panic attack."

The temporary tattoos, pins, and stickers serve as a reminder to anyone that they are good enough.

And the self-care range is also helping those who are struggling with mental health issues and self-harm.

To coincide with Mental Health Month and Mental Health Awareness Week (May 8 to May 14) in the U.K., Timbers is speaking out about mental health. She explained to HuffPost that it can sometimes be a challenge balancing a business and mental health issues, but the experience has helped her.

"I feel less alone in the experience, and connected with other people like myself," she explained.

Customers are also connecting with Timbers and each other through wearing the tats. The Etsy entrepreneur told Mashable, "Sometimes a customer will email me a photo of their tattoo with their story, and I'll wear the same tattoo that day and send them a photo back," she explained. "It's like a sign of solidarity and support, even if it's with someone on the other side of the planet."

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental health issues, there are a number of resources available to provide support. Check them out here.

Cover image via Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

(H/T: Teen Vogue)

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