LGBTQ+ Pride Month

This Maryland Politician And His Husband Made History In A New Campaign Ad

"Love truly does trump hate."

Rich Madaleno is running for governor of Maryland, and his latest campaign ad is making headlines. Madaleno, who is the first openly gay member of the Maryland state senate, appears in the clip with his husband, Mark Hodge, and their two kids.

In the ad, Madaleno promises to "stand up to Trump." He then outlines several of his accomplishments, from protecting Planned Parenthood to helping ban assault weapons in the state. "And what's the No. 1 way I piss off Donald Trump and the Republicans?" Madaleno asks, before kissing his husband.


As USA Today reports, Hillary Clinton included footage of same-sex weddings in an ad from 2015, but according to Madaleno's campaign, this is the first ad to feature a same-sex kiss between a candidate and spouse. "Take that, Trump," Madaleno says to close the video.

According to The Hill, the ad first aired during Fox & Friends in the Washington, D.C., area on Thursday morning. It's running ahead of Maryland's June 26 primary. 

"The refrain is 'take that Trump' — so we wanted to make sure the president had an opportunity to see this ad, and went with the network he tunes into," Keith Presley, Madaleno's campaign manager, told USA Today.

Madaleno, who fought for same-sex marriage to be legalized in Maryland, added how appropriate it is to air the ad during LGBTQ Pride Month. "I am proud of my family, proud of my record of standing up for our progressive values, and proud to be unflinching in standing up against hate," he said. "Love truly does trump hate."

If elected, Madaleno would be the state's first openly gay governor.

See Madaleno's full campaign ad below:


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