LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Scientists Will Host Antarctica's First-Ever Pride Month Event This Year

LGBTQ Pride Month will be celebrated on all 7 continents this year.

With the start of Pride Month last Friday, a group of researchers is ensuring that the LGBTQ community feels celebrated on every continent. Employees at McMurdo Station, Antarctica's largest research station, will host the continent's first-ever Pride Month event this June. While the number of scientists at the station decreases to just over 100 during the summer, organizers hope the event will help increase LGBTQ visibility around the world. 


Per NewNowNext, the idea for an Antarctic Pride Month celebration started in April when two McMurdo Station employees, Evan Townsend and Shawn Waldron, bundled up and snapped a photo, along with eight others, holding the rainbow flag outside the station. Waldron told Earther that the event in June will be held at McMurdo's bar and will feature games and movies. 

"Because of this, there's enormous potential for us to shape the perception of the continent with something as simple as a pride event," Townsend told Earther. "Antarctica is already known as a place of discovery and exploration. We hope it will become known for inclusivity as well."

Waldron told NewNowNext that before coming to McMurdo, he feared that he would be the only LGBTQ individual at the station. However, this month's event will not be the first LGBTQ social event for the staff, which is reported to include just over 10 employees who identify as part of the LGBTQ community. 

"We may be thousands of miles away from any major celebration," Waldron said, "but we can do something."

Cover image via Shutterstock / Ink Drop

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