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J.K. Rowling Gives A Magical Gift To Single 'Broke' Dad Who Reads 'Harry Potter' With His Daughter

"Reading the Harry Potter series together has become one of the biggest sources of bonding for us."

J.K. Rowling frequently shows there is magic in the everyday. Her Harry Potter book series has helped people through times of stress and depression and she is always there to deliver wise words of encouragement and help those in need.

She is one celebrity who is very active on Twitter so when a single "broke" dad named Matt Burke sent her a message thanking her for the Harry Potter series, she noticed.

On June 7, the dad from Tallahassee, Fla. sent a tweet to Rowling thanking her for the book series because it has helped strengthen his relationship with his 9-year-old daughter Bailey. He wrote, "Reading the Harry Potter series together has become one of the biggest sources of bonding for us."


He included a link to a Medium article he wrote titled "Being a Broke Parent." In the feature, he explains how he hadn't found a level of financial stability that allows him to pay bills on time and take his daughter on more elaborate activities and events such as long distance trips or to theme parks. The family also doesn't have internet or TV which means there's no "digital babysitter," and he has to rely on his own creative ways to bond with his daughter.

One of his and Bailey's favorite ways to bond is through reading book together.

Burke wrote, "The main thing that occupies us these days, other than our long walks, is reading books together." J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is currently what they're enjoying together.

In the essay, Burke admits that he thought he was "too cool" for the books when they first came out and he was in his 20's, but has admitted he's loving reading them now.

"At the time of this writing, we're halfway through the 2nd book, and we're having an absolute BLAST reading them together," he reveals. "We switch off chapter by chapter reading them out loud to each other while the other reads along in their own copy of the book."

Burke explains, "This not only allows her to get more used to reading aloud in front of someone, but it gets me directly involved in something she loves, and it gives me the chance to be extra dramatic when I read my chapters and bring myself into the characters in the book, which has proven to be a ton of fun."

After hearing Burke's story, Rowling responded the same day saying how honored she was "Harry Potter" was a part of his family's life. Then she offered to gift Burke and Bailey signed books.

The response to the essay and Rowling's kind gesture has been incredible. People are offering to send Burke more books as gifts

One Twitter user summed up how the experience is what's truly precious. She wrote, "This, far more than gifts, will be what she treasures. As a daughter of a father who reads to her, believe me, you're winning at this parenting thing."

Burke took to Twitter to acknowledge the outpouring of love and shared photos of Bailey browsing the shelves at the library.

(H/T: Popsugar)

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