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7 Creative Dads Who Showed Us What Parenting Done Right Can Look Like

Dads, take notice.

It's June, which means Father's Day is right around the corner. Thus, creative parenting approaches are top of mind, as innovative dads are the stuff that viral dreams are made of these days. While out there parenting techniques might make some think these dads are "doing it wrong," these creative parenting techniques are downright inspirational, as so-called "out there parenting" proves just how dedicated today's generation of fathers are to creating a better world for their families and their children. Here are seven creative parenting ideas that demonstrate how much dads love their kids — and they might just inspire you to do something creative, too!


1. This dad wrote his daughter's school a letter to highlight sexist activities.

When Stephen Callaghan discovered his daughter's school's end-of-the-year activities included a hair and make-up session for girls and an off-site DIY workshop for boys, he wrote to the principal asking how they managed to travel back to 1968.

2. This dad illustrated all the small moments that make life with his son memorable.

Jonathan Jui's son basically runs the show, so the illustrator created a series of drawings that document the daily meltdowns and mumblings that make living with a toddler both fun and frustrating in an effort to show that new parents are never alone.

3. This dad shaved his head so his daughter with alopecia could learn to love herself.

When Dave's daughter Riley, who has alopecia, told him she didn't love herself because she doesn't have hair, the fearless dad stepped up and shaved his head in solidarity to prove that it's truly what's on the inside that matters most.

4. This dad posed as the Tooth Fairy to teach his son the importance of oral health.

To inspire his young son to take better care of his teeth, Henry Warren posed as the Tooth Fairy — Barry T. Tooth Fairy, that is — to comment on his current habits and how future payments might be withheld if he doesn't improve.

5. This dad illustrates his baby daughter's eye patch every single day.

To encourage vision development, Redditor Gfgrubb's baby daughter has to wear an eye patch for two hours every day. To ease the struggle, Gfgrubb doodles on each patch, transforming his young child into everyone from Kermit the Frog to Spider-Man.

6. This dad allowed his daughter to give him a makeover in preparation for date night.

When it came time to prepare for date night with his wife, Jason Hakala recruited his daughter Suvi to style him for an evening out on the town. While it might not be the look he was hoping for, his daughter's creativity knows no bounds.

7. This dad's drawings make it impossible to toss these lunch bags in the trash.

While most parents sneak special notes into their kids' lunch bag each day, Bryan Dunn decorates his son's paper bags with one-of-a-kind illustrations in a effort to help his shy child make new friends at lunchtime.

Cover image via Gift Habeshaw I Unsplash

Cover image via Pixabay / Pexels

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