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Artist Cleverly Updates '80s Pop Culture With Today's Trends

Ghost selfies galore.

The 1980s are definitely having a moment these days. While Netflix series Stranger Things is paying homage to just about every '80s sci-fi movie you can think of, Hollywood is rebooting classics like Ghostbusters and Splash for a modern audience.

But what if, instead of winky references and gender-swapped casts, the very characters we know and love from 30 years ago were given the technology and trends of the 21st century, from Segways to selfies? 

That's the premise behind U.K. illustrator Tom Ward's clever series, 80s Reloaded.

"I have fond memories of '80s films and TV shows so I wanted to base a series of illustrations around the characters," the artist told Mashable. "I started to scribble out some silly ideas and thought putting the characters in situations they might find themselves in today could make for an interesting set."


As a result, Peter Venkman snaps a selfie with Slimer.

E.T. and Elliott get a sweet new ride.

The Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi get down, Gangnam Style.

And Teen Wolf has a message about fur.

Ward's process for each illustration involved drawing in pencil, then ink, before scanning them onto the computer to color. He told Mashable his list of classics was long and included favorites like The Goonies and Indiana Jones, but he couldn't think of updates for all of them. 

You can see the rest of Ward's series on Instagram or by watching the quick montage below. That's right — a montage. It doesn't get much more '80s than that.

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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