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The Finishing Touch To Complete This Artist's Paintings? You.

The meaning behind the collection makes so much sense.

The typical way people experience art — as you've probably been aware of either by watching TV and movies or by visiting galleries yourself — is to walk around, stare at a piece, and mull it over, and move on to the next one. But that's not how one artist, Tezi Gabunia, wants you to join in on the experience with a collection called Complete the Painting

Gabunia — who is from Tbilisi, Georgia — has put together a group of paintings that invite participation. Whether it be a tug of war mid-pull, a karate match mid-fight, or a hilarious joke right mid-pie throw, there are a variety of situations you can find yourself in.

"Today, our lives are no longer separated from art. Through the technological process creativity becomes the part of everyday life," Gabunia wrote on Facebook. "Complete the painting was reflecting on the productive and shareable processes of the art. It was based on the fundamental values and the vision of the group: to make the work of art available for everyone!"

The end result is this mix of interesting scenes that art fans can interpret in their own way. Reactions to the images can pull from other forms of art, as the people in the tug of war scenario are miming the same action. Choices play a big part, too, as the person with the pie-toss image could let the food appear to hit their face or easily dodge it.

Now we can stop just looking at art and actually sort of become the art itself.


See people participating in the "Complete the Painting" collection here:

(H/T: Design Boom)


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