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People Are Sharing Brutally Honest Secrets With This Artist In Exchange For Illustrations

"Half of my friends are people I wish I never met."

Having a talented artist work on an image of you is flattering and seriously cool, but there's one catch for this Filipino artist: You have to tell him a juicy secret first. 

In his series 100 Days of Secrets, Manila-based illustrator Terence Eduarte will draw portraits of people in exchange for hearing and sharing their secrets. He's asked for participation from both friends and strangers, but each installment is anonymous. 

Eduarte's illustrations in the series are drawn in his signature style, showcasing each person from the back. They're vibrant, striking, and leave out just enough detail so that you can't tell who's revealing their deepest darkest secret, or just a silly anecdote. 

Interestingly enough, most people chose to reveal the former rather than the latter. People really opened up to Eduarte and shared some unexpected confessions in return for their illustrations. They shared personal information about their health struggles, their complicated relationships, and the surprising place they purchased their bras. 

Studies have shown that sharing secrets can reduce stress and help people come to terms with their behavior, so we hope each participant received some of the mental health benefits that come along with honest disclosure along with their badass illustration. 

You can see some of the illustrations and read their confessions below. 


1. "I created an imaginary friend as a coping mechanism for my depression. Now I want to make her disappear but she keeps coming back."

2. "I dated my professor back in college. I was 23, she was 37."

3. "I secretly hide behind my humor. I can be seething in anger and tell jokes five minutes later."

4. "Half of my friends are people I wish I never met."

5. "I wish I could be like my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. She's very beautiful and confident. Unlike me, jealous and insecure."

6. "I like playing with other people's feelings because I'm unsure about mine."

7. "My first kiss was with my high school best friend. I was in an all-boys high school."

8. "My daughter doesn't know that her lost cat is home. He is buried in our backyard"

9. "I regret exchanging nudes with guys I barely even know."

10. "I was 19 when I found out that I have a genetic disease that usually affects post-menopausal women. There's a big possibility that I can't have children someday and there is no way to prevent it."

11. "I don't like making new friends. I find comfort in losing people, too."

12. "I always check if my friends are doing well, but people rarely ask how I am."

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