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This Guy Turns Bananas Into Works Of Art That'll Make You Rethink Eating Them

"The banana is funny — you can imagine a smile in it — and it inspires me more to work with it."

Some might view bananas as an oddly shaped fruit, the go-to snack for monkeys, or a word you can only spell thanks to Gwen Stefani lyrics — but for this man, they're canvases for intriguing works of art. Let us introduce you to Stephan Brusche, who Chiquita has dubbed "Instagram's Top Banana Artist."

Brusche, who is based in the Netherlands, has been creating small-scale food art with bananas for five years now, and recently left a full-time job to pursue this on a grander scale. The idea came from wanting to test out Instagram filters at work one day, not having anything to take a cool picture of, and randomly having a banana on which he decided to draw a face.

"I discovered it's actually pretty pleasant to draw on a banana with a ballpoint pen. The texture of the peel and the pen is really smooth," Brusche told Chiquita. "The next day I thought, let's do another face. And then I thought, let's see what else I can come up with to draw on the banana. From that point on I started experimenting and I never stopped."

In addition to doodling on the banana's peel, Brusche notes that he will often use the peel to give it a 3-D effect. As for another reason why bananas are the perfect food item to work with — besides their unique shape — is their coloration really makes blue or black ink pop.

"The banana is funny — you can imagine a smile in it — and it inspires me more to work with it," Brusche added.

Brusche creates images evoking themes such as pop culture to classic art and everything in between. While these works look impromptu, they're anything but that. Brusche said he keeps ideas in a notebook and always sketches the idea out on Photoshop before beginning.

The plus here is that you can draw on the peel all you want — even bend and shape it to your will — and still be able to enjoy a healthy snack. So go forth, make your own banana art, and relish in the fact that you can play with your food and still eat it, too!


Check out some of Brusche's masterpieces here:

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