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Guy Creates Algorithm To Make Incredible Drawings With A Single Line

"The algorithm tries to understand the image and divides it into patches with different structures and tone similarity."

Whether it's a light painting or a minimalist tattoo, we're huge fans of artwork that's created using a single, continuous line. And this guy has developed a way to create stunning, single line drawings that makes the process much easier. 

Designer, programmer, and Ph.D. student Sergej Stoppel spends his free time developing algorithms that transform images into drawings. "I say drawings because the results are always made with a single line, or collection of lines of constant width, that can also be drawn with a pen by a plotter," Stoppel wrote in a recent Imgur post. "So, in a way, I try to follow great computational artists like Georg Nees and Frieder Nake that started to create artworks with plotters." 

In that same Imgur post, Stoppel revealed he's created an algorithm that scribbles drawings using a single line. 

"This style is one of my latest. It creates the drawing with one continuous line," he wrote. "The algorithm tries to understand the image, and divides it into patches with different structures and tone similarity. While making the 'drawing,' the algorithm dynamically evaluates the image and adjusts the drawing path according to the structures in the image (contours etc.) and the tone." 

Stoppel shares his work on his Facebook page LinesLab and sells custom drawings on his Etsy shop of the same name

"I loved both arts and mathematics since I was a kid," he wrote on Etsy. "As a teenager, I received training as an artist. After high school, I finished a Master's in mathematics. Now, I am working on a Ph.D. in computer sciences where I started LinesLab." 

You can check out some the work he created with his latest continuous line algorithm below. 








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