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This Woman Creates Stunning Works Of Art Using Old Tea Bags As Her Canvas

Now that's what we call upcycling.

From their mouths, to their plates, to used MetroCards, we've seen artists experiment with all kinds of things as the canvas for their art. But Ruby Silvious is the first to make us think differently about our used tea bags. 

In 2015, the Filipino artist embarked on her project 363 Days of Tea in which she challenged herself to transform old tea bags into intricate works of art. For 363 days, she re-purposed the used material to be her canvas to beautifully paint, draw, and collage on.

"It took a while getting used to the tea bag as canvas," Silvious told A Plus. "Being porous, the tea bag paper absorbs water differently from regular watercolor paper. Several failed experiments and a few happy accidents led to discoveries that I have now shared with many, hoping to spark creativity by bringing new life to what would otherwise be discarded."

Since completing the 52 week project, she's compiled paintings from that year into a book and has continued to use tea bags as a place to craft her art. But hasn't been easy. "It takes a lot of patience, and practice," she explained. 

Silvious is proud to see so many of her social media followers try to create their own versions of tea bag art. "I think it's wonderful!" she said. "I suspect it's because the tea bag size is such that it's manageable and doesn't feel quite as overwhelming as a standard sized canvas." 

Having such a small canvas may not seem like an advantage, but Silvious is able to create incredibly detailed portraits, landscapes, and still-life paintings on the tiny tea bags. It's taken some trial and error to get just right, but her hard work has definitely paid off. 

The award-winning artist is currently based in New York, but her work has been exhibited internationally in places such as Itoshima, Japan and Hyères, France. 

You can check some examples of her work below. 













(H/T: CNN Travel)


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