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Artist Decorates The Town, One Pretty Stitch At A Time

Check out her beautiful work here.

From doorways to walls, artist Raquel Rodrigo's turning her streets into works of art — one stitch at a time. 

Much like the work of "yarn bombers," Rodrigo uses string to create cross-stitched designs throughout the streets of Spain. The designs often feature bright colors, like green, pink, and red, in floral shapes, beautifully juxtaposing tough exteriors like brick, wood, and beyond. 

"The Valencia-born artist makes her pieces by wrapping thick rolls of string around wire mesh," Bored Panda explains. "She prepares them in advance and then unrolls them at her chosen location to bring a dash of color and creativity to the surrounding area."


We love how the unexpected designs add life and color to the world — which, inevitably, is sure to make passersby smile. 

Check out more of Rodrigo's work below, and on her website, Facebook, and Instagram


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