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Photographer Spends Hours In Museums To Capture People Who Accidentally Match The Artwork

He patiently waits for the coincidence to occur.

Photographer Stefan Draschan definitely enjoys a happy coincidence. The France-based photographer spends hours on end in museums waiting for people to walk by an artwork that they unintentionally coordinate with. Draschan has been working on his series People Matching Artworks since 2015, and frequents museums in Paris, Vienna, and Berlin to find the perfect subjects. 

The series features photos of random people looking at a piece of art in a museum. Their clothes, hair or standing positions match or complement the art. Draschan then snaps a photo of them from behind. He shares the candid coincidences caught on camera on a Tumblr dedicated to the project. 

"I saw and captured the first match: a guy sitting in front of a Georges Braque in Berlin. Six months later in Munich, I saw a guy who looked like the huge Greek vase behind him, and then in Vienna, I was breathless when I discovered a woman sitting in front of a Vermeer," Draschan told Architecture Digest. "It then became clear that I would systematically look out for more of these coincidences."

Now, noticing the coincidence has become a habit for the photographer. 


Draschan picked up photography four years ago after he quit smoking. The hobby served as a more beneficial way to occupy his hands than the habit. He's come up with similar photography series such as Cars Matching Homes and Couples Matching. Luckily, some of his other projects are also museum-centric so he can contribute to multiple projects while spending hours in the home of famous artworks. His other museum series include People Touching Artworks, People Sleeping In Museums, and The Three Graces, which features groups of three women crowded together. 

"I like to photograph a lot of things and whether or not it becomes a series is just luck," Draschan told Condé Nast Traveler

You can check out some of Draschan's photos in "People Matching Artworks" below:

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