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11 Dolls This Artist Transformed To Look More Like The Celebrities They Were Made After

"I continue to grow as an artist every time I paint, draw and attempt more realistic repaints."

Back in 2014, we shared some of Noel Cruz's doll artwork, in which he transforms mass-produced celebrity figures to look more like the actor or actress they're meant to emulate. Cruz makes a living thanks to his repaints and has been able to auction off his celebrity dolls for thousands of dollars apiece. He's kept up with the transformations — and they just get better and better. 

"I've been drawing since I was a very young boy in the Philippines," Cruz wrote on his website. "I have always drawn and then painted as a young man into adulthood. It was just a little over ten years ago that I discovered repainted dolls as a canvas when my wife was collecting Barbie's. After that discovery, a three dimensional canvas, I kept pushing myself for more realism, depth, and shading. I continue to grow as an artist every-time I paint, draw and attempt more realistic repaints."  


Many of the dolls Cruz creates are based off actors in action movies, iconic celebrities, and actresses in live-action Disney films because those are the people that most often get made into dolls for kids to buy. The mass-produced versions often only slightly resemble the actor they're modeled after, which makes Cruz's repaints so remarkable. 

He typically starts by redoing the hairstyle which can sometimes require cutting or using small curlers. He then uses acetone to remove the paint on the dolls face. Then, he outlines the new feature freehand using photos of the celebrity as his guide. Finally, he paints the doll's face typically starting with the eyes. 

"Between the styling of the hair, the outline, the painting, it is really a weeks' time," Cruz wrote on his website. "As I am constantly tweaking or revisiting the doll before auction or for a commission is completed I am constantly fixing, adjusting, cutting or pushing myself to perfect whomever it is that I am painting," 

Check out some of his doll transformations below.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

2. Gal Gadot

3. Emma Watson

4. Elizabeth Taylor

5. Marilyn Monroe

6. Carrie Fisher

7. Jim Parsons

8. Kristen Stewart

9. Ben Affleck

10. Christopher Reeve

11. Josh Hutcherson

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