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Instead Of Writing ‘Wash Me’ On Dirty Cars, This Guy Turns Them Into Works Of Art

Seriously, skip the car wash.

What do you get when you take one talented artist, a super-dirty car, and a bit of imagination? An epic take on street art, that's what. 

Nikita Golubev, who goes by the name Pro Boy Nick, has been going around the streets of Moscow and using them as a canvas to create impromptu artwork instead of writing "wash me" on them. Using a paintbrush and his fingers, Golubev is inventing a new artform.

The thirtysomething describes himself as a "self-educated," "positive thinking," and "non-stop moving" artist who likes to experiment with different medias — such as book illustrations, digital art, portraits, character design, street art, and more.

Let's take a look at some of Golubev's dirty car masterpieces, shall we?

This owl is totally staring you down.

These surfers are hanging ten, dude.

We'd love to put these flowers in a vase.

Now there's an ape staring into your soul.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a real shark.

This octopus is straight out of your nightmares.

Citizens of Moscow, maybe your car will be next!

(H/T: Metro)

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