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Photographer Adds A Refreshing Pop Of Humor And Happiness Into Each Of His Creations

"Creativity is just putting things together that nobody has thought of before."

Photographer James Popsys believes that more art should make people smile — so that's exactly what he tries to do.

In his work, Popsys uses his camera and Photoshop to transform everyday scenes into something unexpected. In one, uploaded to his Instagram account, the artist transforms a lighthouse into, quite literally, a light-house, attaching the structure to balloons and floating it into the sky. 

Popsys' favorite image, "Zone 334," places a London Underground station entrance in the middle of the countryside. 

"This is my favorite image because it perfectly encompasses my aim for every photo: to find juxtapositions and irony in different scenes and pull them together," he tells A Plus in an email.


When it comes to photography, Popsys believes people tend to take photos for the wrong reasons.

"I think a lot of the time people want to get 'likes', but end up causing jealousy and disdain. I really want my work to change that, I want it to be upbeat and funny," he says. "Hundreds of memes achieve that on a daily basis, but I also want my images to be thought-provoking and to stay with the viewer past whenever they see it pop up in a social feed."

Finally, when asked what advice he has for other creatives, Popsys says:

"Create, create, create, and create some more. There’s no way to find out what you like more than trying lots of things. Creativity is just putting things together that nobody has thought of before, so get out and see as many things as possible."

Be sure to check out more of Popsys work below, as well as on his Instagram and website, too.

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