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This Artist Reimagined Live Action TV Shows And Movies As Animated Sketches

You've never seen "The Mindy Project" like this before.

Many adults still love their favorite childhood cartoons and love it when artists reimagine them in "grown up" and "real life" situations.

While many classic cartoons have been recreated in live action versions, one artist has cartoon-ified favorite primetime TV shows and classic films. 


Amanda MacFarlane draws what she knows... from what she watches.

MacFarlane's animated take on Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones

Her inspiration comes from both TV shows and films with which she's familiar. "I have to really know a character and relate to it in order to draw it well," she told A Plus. "At the end of the day, I just sit down and draw whatever comes to my mind. Sometimes it's… a TV show or movie I'm watching at the moment, or a memory from the past. It's always a surprise." 

Though MacFarlane sketches scenes from TV shows and films geared toward an adult audience, her whimsical style resonates with the kid in everyone.

A self-taught artist, MacFarlane's drawing style is reminiscent of "Disney's Nine Old Men." 

Her Instagram began as a kind of public artist journal. "It was just a creative outlet to document everything I drew and kept me drawing everyday. Having it has pushed me further in developing a better skill," she said. "I'm just glad that the more you draw the better you get! Or I would still be drawing stick people…" 

The more sketches MacFarlane posted, the more followers she gained. Now, her account has over 120,000, including a few famous ones.

Mindy Kaling, creator and star of The Mindy Project, was both the subject — and fan — of a recent drawing. 

Kaling reposted the sketch of her character Mindy Lahiri lying on the floor looking "adorable and tragic" on her Instagram. Soon after, MacFarlane gained over two thousand new followers. "When Mindy Kaling reposted that sketch I was so excited," she told A Plus. "That shocked me into tears. I won't ever forget that."

Kaling is the first celebrity to repost one of MacFarlane's drawings — something she appreciates but certainly didn't expect. "I never think anything like that will happen when I post art," she said. "It is such a great feeling when it does. I love these people... They don't have to take the time out of their super busy schedules to do something like that for a fan. It's pretty incredible!"

MacFarlane is particularly humbled and grateful for Kaling's public encouragement because she relates to her. "I think actors and artists are somewhat similar," she said. "We have to keep it real, draw from the heart, and be vulnerable in order for magic to happen."

Check out some more of that magic below:

Phoebe from Friends singing an animated rendition of "Smelly Cat." 
Spiderman gets meta. 
Molly Ringwald from Sixteen Candles. 
Mary Poppins 
Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series. 


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