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These High Schoolers Make Chalkboard Murals Of Everything From Miyazaki To Minions

Temporary artworks that are a team effort.

Looking at the intricate drawings below, you'd be surprised by a few facts: the artworks are all temporary, they're all a team effort, and the artists are all high schoolers. Meet Illusdreamer, the young artists responsible for some of the most incredible images ever committed to chalkboards.


Illusdreamer tells A Plus they're a group of five high schoolers, aged 17 to 18, from Heep Yunn School, a traditional girls' school in Hong Kong. They've been creating chalk drawings since 2016. "[Our favorite is] the Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name) one since our whole team loves that cartoon!" they say. 

Check out that mural below:

Illusdreamer's drawings show new perspectives on pop culture figures. One chalk mural, for example, shows the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland inviting the viewer for a spot of tea. Another one collects characters from Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki's films, such as Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service. A smaller chalk drawing depicts Despicable Me's Agnes holding the hand of a Minion, while a colored pencil work recreates the Ravenclaw badge from Harry Potter

In one multi-wall chalk mural branded with the Nike swoop, a female athlete appears to float above the city of Hong Kong. "You can't guarantee a win," the tagline says, "but you can guarantee a fight."

These creations show how incredible chalk is as a medium, as we've seen many times before. Artist David Zinn, for example, draws seemingly 3-D scenes on concrete and asphalt, using cracks in the surface to his advantage. And the yearly Denver Chalk Art Festival shows off more of this kind of sidewalk handiwork. 

But Illusdreamer's imaginative works also show how vital arts education is in a young person's development, and we've seen proof of this before, as well. A teacher in Wyoming keeps his middle school classes engaged with his temporary masterpieces, for instance, while a Japanese teacher who goes by @hamacream on Twitter inspires his students with his chalkboard recreations of famous artworks.

Illusdreamer even cites @hamacream as an inspiration of theirs. "He always uses his arts to cheer up his students, and we want to cheer up our classmates, too," they tell A Plus.

"Chalkboards can be found in nearly all classrooms of Hong Kong's schools, and as students, it's a part of our school lives," they add. "We have previously browsed others' work and decided we should give it a try since it's sort of a privilege for students to use the chalkboard, and we would regret it if we did not try before our graduation. It is also a good way to raise our schoolmates' awareness on art as promoting art is also a goal of our group."

See even more Illusdreamer work below:












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