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Glow-In-The-Dark Street Art Exists — And It Completely Transforms At Night

"Through the use of lights, the observer becomes an active participant."

These artists are changing the way you see street art — one glowing painting at a time. 

Graphic artists at the artistic collective Reskate Arts and Crafts have painted striking murals around the town of Zaragoza, Spain, and in Romania using photoluminescent paint. Their street art is awesome during the day, but when the sun goes down, they completely transform into luminous masterpieces. 


These transformative, glow-in-the-dark pieces are part of their project, Harreman. The title is a Basque word that means
"relationship," and is formed by combining the verbs "hartu," which means "to receive," and "eman," which means to give, according to the project's website

"This project draws on reminiscence and the etymology of language, with an occasional nod to irony and showcases the use of photoluminescent paint, allowing multiple readings of the same work," the project's website says. "Through the use of lights, the observer becomes an active participant; Interacting with the work and creating its response to those actions. By these interventions in the public space, the intention is to try to light up dark corners of cities, both installing new lights and encouraging citizens to interact with the wall, painting with light on it."

You can check out some of their work below:

This mural in Romania, painted in 2015, is titled "Asombrar."

"Spanish verb 'asombrar' (to amaze) comes from the word 'sombra' (shadow) and refers to putting shadows to a concept that you already had clear," the Reskate team wrote on their website

To raise awareness for the Action Against Hunger organization, the artists painted this loaf of bread that transforms into a knife at night.

"Intervention on a wall that invites us to think about the power of involvement to find effective solutions against hunger. These days we have, more than ever, the knowledge, means and tools to do so. We are the first generation that can put and end to huger," the artists wrote on their website.  

This mural in Romania, titled "Unawareness," symbolizes "scientific advances relating deep-sea exploration slowed down due to the beginning of the space race between the USSR and the USA."

This indoor exhibition in Vienna showcases the Reskate artists' use of photoluminescent paint to create transformative works of art.

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