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11 Fine Artists Reimagined As Epically Perfect Emojis

Can we get these added to our phone keyboards ASAP?

Art history lovers rejoice! Los Angeles-based gallery Cantor Fine Art is making emoji renditions of fine artists and their popular work. It's the perfect mash-up of art history and pop culture. 

The creatives behind Cantor Fine Art produced a series of emojis that mix together famous artists, their masterpieces, and the interesting things we know about them. 

They were inspired by emojis that already exist. "We noticed that some emoji are direct references to famous artwork. 😱 🌊 So we made Magritte's 'The Son of Man,' " Cantor Fine Art wrote on Instagram


Soon enough, they received tons of requests to create more fine art-inspired emojis. So, they put together an entire series and shared it on their Instagram account. 

From Keith Haring's running heart to Jackson Pollock's splattered inspired emoji, we wish we could actually use them in our everyday conversations.

But for now, we'll just sit back and appreciate the art. Check them out below: 

1. Jackson Pollock

2. Vincent van Gogh

3. Salvador Dali

4. Andy Warhol

5. Banksy

6. Frida Kahlo

7. Pablo Picasso

8. Yayoi Kusama

9. Keith Haring

10. Roy Lichtenstein

11. René Magritte

(H/T: designboom


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