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Artist And Architect Uses Fairy Tales To Dream Up The Most Incredible Fantasy Homes

"I try to do what I like, try to follow my dreams and above all, not to lose the ability to dream."

In a series he's calling Architale, architect and illustrator Federico Babina's creating beautifully detailed buildings inspired by our favorite fairy tales.

This illustration series was born as a tribute to a "fairy tale universe where the architectures are reinvented to accommodate the protagonists of the story," Babina tells A Plus in an email. 

This includes 17 illustrated works that "dance between reality and fantasy," honing in on details — such as a black, white, and red color scheme reminiscent of a deck of cards — to create homes we could only dream of. 


When describing his process, one that combines forms of architecture with drawing, Babina says he takes interest in finding a common language between different arts.

"The first step when I start a project, and the most important thing, is to choose what I want to tell through my work," he says, adding that the next steps require proper research. "Transform the idea in an illustration ... There must be something that stimulates my imagination, some element that represents the starting point for a trip with the fantasy."

Moreover, for those creatives who find themselves in a rut and in need of inspiration, Babina believes that there are ideas already out there waiting to be discovered.

"I try to observe things from a different point of view," he says. "I try to do what I like, try to follow my dreams and, above all, not to lose the ability to dream. But the best advice is to not listen to advice." 

You can find more of Architale below and the full series on Babina's website

(H/T: DesignTaxi)

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