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Bibliophiles Will Be Enchanted By This Photo Series That Celebrates Reading

"I am never the same after reading a book.”

In case you couldn't tell from our monthly book club, series of listicles celebrating classic books, or this map we shared that shows the books that impacted every country in the world, we're big on reading over at A Plus. We love curling up with a good book from one of our favorite authors and discovering new writers that know exactly how to get us hooked. 

Because we're also passionate about different forms of art, too, we were so excited to discover 21-year-old French student and bibliophile Emilie's blog, EmiibookIn her latest project for the blog dedicated to books, Emilie celebrates reading through photography. After finishing a book she loved, she creates a photo for it by laying out props such as jewelry, notes, postcards, pins, plants, and dolls. Each photo is meant to highlight her favorite parts of each book. 


Based on some of the books she's captured so far, it seems Emilie enjoys fantasy, mystery, and young adult novels. 

"A day without seeing any books is a sad day for me," Emilie told Instagram. "What I love about books is that they transport you to another world. You can live an extraordinary experience all while laying on your couch. I am never the same after reading a book."

Emilie discovered her passion for books while browsing a bookstore just a few years ago, which shows that even if you didn't love reading as a kid it's never too late to start. After falling in love with books, she found a creative outlet to show her appreciation for the stories that are filling her with joy. "I have a whole world in my head and I try to express it through my photos," Emilie said. 

You can check out some of the photos from her book project below:

1. "A Game of Thrones"

2. "Blue Gold"

3. "The Little Mermaid"

4. "Harry Potter"

5. "The Wave" and "The Portrait of Dorian Gray"

6. "Everything Everything"

7. "Follow Me Back"

8. "Destiny"

9. "The Sun is Also a Star"

10. "Lady Helen"


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