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7 Works Of Art That Look Way Too Real

These are awe-inspiring.

Take a close look … is this a picture or a drawing?


Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley's work definitely look real, but viewers might be surprised to learn that his images are simple, hyper-realistic monochrome pencil drawings … and sometimes they look more genuine than a photograph.

"I'm always inspired by the activities surrounding me," Stanley tells A Plus. "They all somehow find a way to reflect in my art."

Stanley exemplifies this in his project, Black Values, where he explores the claim that "African values have been lost to Westernization."

By creating stunning, emotionally moving portraits of African men and women and sharing them with the world Stanley shows us African values will never be lost. "Art is a loud medium of expression, it's often a vehicle for social change as it can give voice to the politically or socially disenfranchised, he says."

His latest progress shots in Black Values include a piece called "I Be Lady," inspired by Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti's song "Lady."

Even though we may all not be as gifted as Stanley is, he has a three-word principle that everyone can incorporate into their lives, no matter what they do. He calls it the "Three P's" – they are patience, practice, and persistence."

See these five snapshots of his amazing work:






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