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This Stunning Nature Photography Offers A Relaxing Escape Without Booking A Ticket

“Nature is beautiful and outstanding. It is unique and multifaceted.”

Photographer Anton Gorlin hails from Ukraine but lives and works in Australia. Both countries, though, provide dramatic scenery and unending inspiration for his landscape photography — and New Zealand makes some stunning cameos, too.

"I love the sheer beauty and power of nature," Gorlin says on his portfolio website. "Nature is beautiful and outstanding. It is unique and multifaceted. My aim is to use my vision and skills and capture it as best as I can and show it to the world."

He tells A Plus "an accident and a passion" got him into photography. Ten years ago, his boss sent him on a business trip to Australia, and he got his first camera for the occasion. Soon, he was reading tutorials, taking a weeks-long photography class, buying himself a Nikon D80, and trekking near and far to take photos. "Day or night, heat or cold, it didn't matter — I just wanted to learn how to deliver the beauty I see to the viewer," he says.

Gorlin has photographed the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine; Coogee Beach, Maroubra Beach, and Tamarama Beach in Australia; and Mount Cook, Lake Tekapo, Wanaka, Queenstown, and Milford Sound in New Zealand, among other destinations.

"Photography is the way to express myself, to develop my vision and to deliver it to the viewer," he says on his website. "I invite you to explore, feel, and dream with me, through my lens and perception … I believe we, as human beings, can only see a filtered reality, our own little world. Every small world is beautiful in something, is perfect to some extent. And so my art is a way to share a bit of my world with you."

Gorlin also offers photography tutorials, cheat sheets, and even downloadable desktop wallpaper on his website. He also offers A Plus readers the following advice for cultivating their own passion for photography:

  1. First of all, don't look at the trends, look for your true self. For instance, the current trend is moody, cinematic, blue-green editing. This kind of works on Instagram, but it isn't mine, I don't feel attached to it. And so I keep shooting what I like, what inspires me. Through the inspiration, you can find yourself and inspire others.
  2. Don't copy others! You can browse photos to fetch some ideas, but transform them, combine and create something new.
  3. Learn to edit. You cannot get away with just in-camera photos. A camera is merely a tool with its limits. Use it and extend it. Your imagination and artistic expression are only halfway through when you click the button. The second part of your art is in front of your computer.
  4. Learn from the best. Invest in yourself, buy tutorials and workshops, read articles, ask questions. There is no need to trudge a beaten path.
  5. Learn to take criticism. Submit photos where people don't just praise you. You need constructive criticism to grow.
  6. Respect the nature, be grateful, and learn to contemplate.

See more of Gorlin's landscape photography below (and check out even more photos on his 500px profile):













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