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Kenny Fries Wants You To Remember That Nothing Is Permanent — And That It’s Nothing To Panic About

"In the Province of the Gods" was October's pick for the A Plus Book Club.


While one of our favorite ways to read a book is curled up under a blanket in the comfort of our apartment, that doesn't mean a good book can't transport you around the world. This month's pick for the A Plus Book Club did just that. Author Kenny Fries' In the Province of the Gods took Associate Editor Lindsay Geller and I on a journey to Japan through the lens of his experience researching how the country's culture views disability. 

Fries first travels to Japan as an outsider who is looking to learn more about a culture incredibly different from the one in which he grew up. However, as his research sends him investigating one-eyed samurai and meeting with Hiroshima Maidens, it also sends Fries on his own journey of self-discovery and reconciliation to the idea that nothing is permanent.  

"As a disabled person, if the disability experience teaches anything, it teaches about change — that life is about change," Fries told A Plus. "That time in my life was a very big [time] of change. Japanese culture deals with mortality differently than we do in the West. We panic around those things. If they do panic, it's hidden very well." 

Check out the full conversation in the video above and be sure to join us for next month's A Plus Book Club. As always, if there's a book you'd like to see featured, send your requests to bookclub@aplus.com.

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