These Pictures Prove Derek Zoolander And Barbie Had The Best Day Ever

Ridiculously good looking.

With Zoolander 2  arriving in theaters in the U.S. on Friday, we've already seen Ben Stiller's ridiculously good-looking lead character answer questions for Vogue, and Stiller himself has amped up the sex appeal to promote Female Viagra.

But this is the best marketing move yet. The official Zoolander Instagram account chronicled the adventures of a Derek Zoolander doll hanging out the world's most popular doll — Barbie — in a series of selfies and action shots.

We're more than a little jealous the plastic pals are living a more exciting life than ours. Check it out!



Spa day!

Block that sun.

Up in the gym.

Oh, look, it's Hansel.

Decisions, decisions.

Brunch with the besties.


(H/T: People)


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