This Fish Just Won't Die And We're Terrified

This fish just doesn't want to become a meal. Like, really doesn't want to become a meal.


This couple was just trying to have a nice dinner by cooking a fish they caught, but this headless, freaky, zombie bowfin fish had other plans. A normal bowfin fish looks something like this. 

But this bowfin is anything but normal. Whenever the woman tries to scale the fish, it eerily comes right back to life!

You have to see this to believe it. Check it out on the next page.

She tries to pick up the headless fish to clean it, but...

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Ahhh, what!

It doesn't end there. This fish is more ruthless than the "Headless Horseman" and the "White Walkers" combined. It. Just. Wont. Die.

Where are you Jon Snow? This couple needs to eat some dinner!

Watch this thing go flying right off the cutting board and try to attack some humans on the next page.

We'll definitely take a pass on eating this fish. We don't want to turn into a zombie too. Although they do seem to get all the girls...

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