People Ask If Zoe Saldana Wishes She Had A Daughter. This Is Her Response.

"We don't feel like we're missing anything."

Actress and mom Zoe Saldana has three sons with her husband, Marco Perego Saldana. Their twin sons Cy and Bowie were born in 2014. Then in 2016, they welcomed another boy named Zen. Saldana recently opened up about a question she's often asked — whether she wishes she had a daughter.

"We're a family of five, and then they're always like 'Don't you want a girl?' " Saldana told Today at a recent American Express event, saying the question "puzzles" them. "The reality is our family is complete as it came, and we're very happy and proud of them. We don't feel like we're missing anything."


"It's funny because now that I have the three boys, I can't really picture myself with anything else," Saldana continued, saying she has "enough children" and is instead focused on raising her sons well — and maybe the girls will come later.

"Our mission is to raise decent, amazing, compassionate men who will then pick partners — whether they're females or males — that will pick partners and hopefully I'll get to have the daughters later (as a grandmother)," she said. "But I don't feel like I'm missing out."

Saldana and her husband are already setting a great example in teaching their children not to stereotype based on gender. Not only did Perego take his wife's last name, but the Huffington Post points out that the actress recently told People she finds the idea of "Daddy's little girl and Mama's boys" to be "unhealthy" for children. She said she and her husband "stand as a unit" and swap parenting roles. 

Fellow actress Gabrielle Union, who is raising three boys with husband Dwyane Wade, also recently spoke out about the values she teaches them. She says she educated them about "colorism," and the importance of seeing darker skin as beautiful. 

Union, who revealed in her book that she has had several miscarriages, has herself faced invasive questions about motherhood, particularly if she wants kids of her own. "People mean so well, but they have no idea the harm or frustration it can cause," she said.

Cover image: Michael Tran / FilmMagic

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