How Zendaya’s Sweet Revenge On An Online Hater Led To One Woman’s Modeling Contract

"Slay on queen."

Haters beware — Zendaya don't play that!

The Disney star slammed an internet troll for bullying a beautiful, curvaceous woman on Twitter. And, after giving him a piece of her mind, Zendaya offered the beauty he was bullying a plus-size modeling contract for her clothing line Daya by Zendaya, which caters to women sizes 00-22.  

"Stumbling across this stupid shit, she is fine as hell head to toe and (I) guarantee (she) doesn't know you exist my man," the singer-actress tweeted Friday. "As for her, slay on queen."


Zendaya then proceeded to ask her fans assist her in finding the unidentified woman.

The search worked as Zendaya's fans helped her find the Monmouth University student, who was grateful for the star's support against the bully and for her modeling offer, because being a plus-size model is actually one of the young lady's biggest dreams.

The young woman, who goes by the screen name @_illestCee on Twitter, replied:

While it hasn't been confirmed whether or not the young woman will become a Daya by Zendaya model, inclusion is what the line was built upon.

"I wanted it to be inspired by people," Zendaya told VIBE about it in 2016. "I wanted the line to be empowering."

It certainly is, especially after the actress made sure to let everyone know that they belong, regardless of size.

Check out more about the story in the video below:


Cover image: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock, Inc.

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