Zendaya Shares Poignant Life Lessons With Her Young Fans

"Because at the end of the day, you really become and figure out who you are."


Every now and then, Zendaya comes out and drops some incredible words of wisdom, and each time it happens, we make it a point to listen. The actress and activist has revealed the best pieces of advice she'd give to her younger self, her feelings on photoshop and the need for magazines to stop altering women's bodies, and, following August's events in Charlottesville, Zendaya called for young people to stop hate in an empowering speech at the Teen Choice Awards

Now, in a video for Glamour magazine, Zendaya answers young fans' questions about life, offering up more advice we should all hear. For example, one 11-year-old girl — who admires Zendaya's kindness and work ethic — asked her about the best and worst parts about being a teenager. Later, a 14-year-old asked whether or not it was easy for Zendaya to follow her dreams. 

We rounded up five of our favorite responses from the interview below. 

1. On being a teenager: "We all kind of go through the awkward phase. And it's OK. Because at the end of the day, you really become and figure out who you are."

2. On following your dreams: "Following your dreams is never easy, really. It's gonna take work, and it's gonna take dedication, and it's gonna take focus ... but as long as you really love it and you really want it, and you keep that laser focus, then nothing is impossible."

3. On facing challenges as a woman of color on TV: "It's nice to see, slowly, that the industry is slowly opening up the doors to people of color ... I think it's so important for young people to be able to see themselves in a character ... "

4. On her fashion choices: "[My stylist and I] love just experimenting with having fun with fashion and I think everybody should do that. Wear what makes you feel good."

5. On the heroes that inspire her: "My superheroes are all the women in my life. I think they're strong, they're powerful, and I just look up to them."


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