Zendaya Takes Us Through 100 Years Of Fashion And Beauty, And Every Look Is A Little Piece Of History

Which is your favorite look?

Zendaya, a fashion designer, singer, body-positive role model, and actress knows a thing or two about what it means to be stylish. And in a recent video for Vogue magazine, Zendaya takes viewers through 100 years of fashion and beauty, showcasing everything from the '20s flapper look to a Dior tee and sparkling jeans. And, of course, she does it all with killer confidence — the most important accessory.

"Zendaya is the ultimate style chameleon, able to pull off virtually any look. Here, she puts that skill to the test," Vogue captions the video

When it comes to her own gender-neutral fashion line, DAYA by Zendaya, Zendaya tells AOL.com we should "wear whatever you want." 

"I'm just going to make [the clothes] and you just decide what you feel comfortable in — that's what you should be in," she adds.

We think that message is one that everyone should remember when it comes to fashion. With that in mind, if you're looking for a little style inspiration, and to see how fashion has changed throughout history, check out Zendaya's full Vogue video below.



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