A Heavy Metal Guitarist Playing Black Sabbath On A Hello Kitty Guitar Made Our Day

Talk about talent.

Zakk Wylde is what they'd call a guitar god — and he has no less than Black Sabbath's own Ozzy Osbourne co-signing on that statement, as the two have a storied history together that stretches across multiple decades.

Now, after seeing Wylde's appearance in a video produced by Loudwire, we're even more convinced he's deserving of that status.

The website welcomed Wylde to a session called "Helly Kitty Unplugged," which follows a previous video in which legendary drummer Mike Portnoy played on a set of Hello Kitty Drums. But here, Wylde was given a toy guitar to shred and play licks to his heart's content.

But Zakk decided to up the game and pay tribute to Ozzy by playing Black Sabbath's "N.I.B." on the pink-and-black instrument.

A Hello Kitty-fied Osbourne even shows up a few times to show his approval, raising a lighter as Wylde plays the cutesy tune.

His take on the 1970 song is most definitely a fresh one, and it's tough to keep a straight face during his performance. But you'll also come away with a great deal of respect for Wylde — if you didn't already have it, that is.

Check out the video above.

(H/T: Billboard)

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