He Was Tripped Fleeing For His Life. Now He Is Taking The Field With Ronaldo.

A professional in every sense.

On September 8, videos began going viral of a camerawoman tripping and kicking refugees fleeing into Hungary.

While the Hungarian news agency, N1TV has since fired her, many on social media felt sickened when they saw the woman trip a man carrying his son (toward the end of the clip below).


Since then, the former Syrian football coach and his son have seen their luck change drastically.

The refugees, who go by the names of Osama Abdul Mohsen and Zaid, have since taken up living in Spain, according to the BBC

Upon hearing about the situation, Miguel Angel Galan, the director of Cenafe, offered Osama a job. Cenafe trains coaches and they used part of their advertising budget to pay for an apartment for the family, as Mic.com reported.

In addition, Osama was also able to reunite with his older son, Mohammad, while they were traveling from Munich to Spain.

Things got even better for the family when Zaid was given the opportunity to take the field with Cristiano Ronaldo this past weekend.

Sporting his own Real Madrid kit, Zaid took Ronaldo's hand as Madrid prepared to face off against Granada.

He even warmed up like the superstar, leaping into the air to stretch his legs before the big moment.

It's truly amazing that so many people have helped this family in need. Hopefully it continues to get even better from here, for all refugees.


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