Jimmy Fallon And Zac Efron Have A 'Water War' In This Twist On A Classic Card Game

"You ready to do this?"

If you've ever played War, the classic card game, you know it can get a bit competitive. 

Typically, participants split the deck evenly and, with each turn, flip over their top card. Whoever has the higher card collects the rest of the hand, and whoever ends up with all the cards wins.

But when Zac Efron and Jimmy Fallon decide to play War on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you know there will be some sort of epic, entertaining twist to make things more interesting: In their version of the game, the winner of each hand throws a pint of water at the loser's face. The first person to throw all their cups of water at their opponent wins.

"You ready to do this?" Fallon asks Efron. 

"I was born ready," Efron replies.

Let the games begin.


Be sure to watch Efron and Fallon in the full video below:


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