Zac Efron Answers '73 Questions' And Offers His Best Advice To Aspiring Actors

"To be like water, my friend."

In Vogue's latest installment of its "73 Questions" series, Zac Efron — star of the upcoming film The Greatest Showman shows up in his 1964 Mustang to answer all of the magazine's most pressing questions.

While preparing for a barbecue, Efron answers questions about movies that made him cry, his favorite music album, his spirit animal, his go-to karaoke song, and what it was like to kiss Dwayne Johnson. (Spoiler alert: it was "absolutely amazing.") 

About midway through the interview, Efron offers his No. 1 piece of advice for other actors looking for their break in the industry:

"Practice patience," he says. And later, on the best piece of advice he's ever received, Efron says:


"To be like water, my friend."

We also find out about the weirdest thing Efron's ever cooked, his most memorable fan moment, and his nerdiest quality.

"Is nerdy even really like a thing anymore? I don't think so." 

Check out all of this and more in the full video below:


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