People Are Sharing All The Awesome Things They Learned From YouTube

The #YouTubeTaughtMe hashtag is inspiring us to learn something new, too.

YouTube is a place we can count on to keep us entertained, help us understand the news, and catch up with our favorite vloggers. But it's also an endless resource of educational materials and tutorials for just about anything. Wish you could learn to play guitar but don't want to meet with an instructor? Get on YouTube. Don't understand the calculus lesson you were shown in class today? Ask YouTube. Wish you could emulate a makeup look you saw on the red carpet? There's a YouTube video for that. 

You get the point. 

But all the free information can feel so overwhelming, we often don't take advantage of any of it unless we absolutely need to. But the trending #YouTubeTaughtMe hashtag might just give you the motivation to pick up a new skill. Many people are using the hashtag to share the accomplishments they've made thanks to YouTube. People have learned how to do everything from changing a tire, to perfecting a smoky eye, to mastering a signature dish. Some have even been able to make career changes thanks to the videos available to them on YouTube. In addition to new skills, many have also learned important life lessons with the help of the community on YouTube.

"#YouTubeTaughtMe that I can be unapologetically myself, and people will still like me," one Twitter user wrote

"#YouTubeTaughtMe there's a friend, passion, and interest for everyone," another shared

Below are some inspiring things people have learned thanks to the video-sharing website.

1. How to cook.

2. How to speak a new language.

3. How to do laundry, makeup, hair, and more.

4. How to accept yourself for who you are.

5. How to tie a tie.

6. How to sew.

7. How to analyze subtext in films.

8. How you can do anything you set your mind to if you're willing to put in the hard work.

9. How to brew beer.

10. How to play R&B on a ukulele and make pancakes.

11. How to edit video, light a green screen, and that "there is a career for people who love learning and sharing information."

12. How to use a camera.

13. How to do mechanical work.

14. How to crochet.

15. And that you're not alone.

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