Artist Takes Her Double Vision Makeup Illusion To The Streets And Has Everyone Bugging Out

Crazy cool.

One YouTube makeup artist just made the phrase "look me in the eye" a lot more confusing.

Tamang Phan has nearly 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and her latest "Trippy Double Vision Makeup Look" video is pushing four million views.


When the video begins, Phan already has her regular makeup complete.

She's rocking a dark smoky eye with a deep red lip, but that's not the focus of her tutorial.

"Halloween is just a round the corner and I thought it would be really awesome to start off my Halloween tutorials by doing this very confusing and trippy double vision makeup look. I hope you guys like this and please don't get a headache," Phan says. 

And then the tutorial begins. It starts with eye and brow makeup, perpendicular to her nose.

Then she adds false lashes to her cheeks and moves onto a second nose.

Last but not least, she needs a second mouth.

Are you still looking at her real eyes?

When all is said and done, Phan drives around town to surprise passersby and capture their priceless reactions.

Everyone bugs out.

Be sure to watch the full tutorial below:

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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