Your Jaw Will Drop When You See These 15 Gorgeous Tattooed Moms

Beauty has been redefined.

Once upon a time, mothers were expected to June Cleaver lookalikes. Tattoos were reserved for people deemed "unsavory" in polite society, like prisoners and bikers. While that stereotype has largely gone away, moms with a lot of body modification still catch a lot of side-eye at PTA meetings.

These 15 mothers may have an unconventional look, but they're totally traditional in the only way that matters: they love the hell out of their kids.


1. Their kids will learn that beauty comes in many forms.

2. A mother's ink gives you more of the story of who she is.

3. The bond is apparent between these stunning lookalikes!

4. There's no wrong way to wear pink.

5. Having style is clearly genetic.

6. Being a protective mother comes so naturally, she does it in her sleep and looks amazing at the same time.

7. You know this kid's life is going to be filled with art and beauty.

8. Take time to be silly!

9. A little ink brings more color to life.

10. These arms may be covered in ink, but they're used to protect and comfort.

11. The matching swimsuits are totally on point.

12. Individuality is key.

13. When it comes to feeding your baby, breast is best!

14. Tattoos help make moms as unforgettable as the moments they create for their children.

15. These kids obviously love their moms' ink as much as we do!

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[H/T: Elite Daily]


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