Young Fathers Surprise Their Dads With Messages Of Love And Appreciation In An Emotional Video

"And all the troubles that we went through, it's all worth it."


Sometimes we forget to thank those we love the most: our mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, etc. So, in a beautiful video for Father's Day, Jubliee Media asked three young fathers to send a special surprise message to their own fathers and record it on camera (above). 

"This Father's Day, we want to acknowledge both the beauty and the difficulty of being a father," Jubliee captions the video. 

First, the older fathers were invited to talk about their experiences raising their sons. One father, Angelito Cardenas, talks about his son, Kris, who was diagnosed with an immune disorder. "We had to go to the hospital almost every month," says Angelito in the video.  

He also expresses insecurities about being a good parent — a feeling that is shared by all who get on camera. 

Unbeknownst to these fathers, their sons are then invited to speak on camera about their own experiences becoming new dads, and some of the challenges they face. In the process, they recognize how hard their own fathers worked to show them love and care, and they express their appreciation for all that they've done for them.  

"I was sick, a lot, growing up, and my dad pretty much had no free time because of it. And he never, ever, had any sign of ever regretting that. Growing up, he would go at the drop of a hat for the hospital for me and do whatever it took to make me smile afterward," Kris says about his father Angelito. 

After hearing from all three sons, Jubliee then plays the video messages for the fathers. 

By the end of the video, it's clear that the exercise has positively impacted these families, with many of the participants in tears. And for one last final surprise, the sons appear from another room to hug their fathers. 

"It's really a nice feeling that your son loves you," Angelito says. "And all the troubles that we went through, it's all worth it." 

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