'You Did Not Sleep There' Instagram Account Pokes Fun At Illogical Camping Photos

We're getting clammy just looking at them.

We all know people go through great lengths to get the perfect social media photo, even if what they post doesn't actually represent the truth. If you're a fan of @youdidnoteatthat, which humorously calls out models and bloggers posing with food they probably didn't eat, or @youdidnotskatethat, which calls out high-fashion photos of non-skaters with skateboards, you're going to love @youdidnotsleepthere

The Instagram account was created by Luisa Jeffery to poke fun at adventure photo clichés. 

"I went on a trip in the Grand Canyon with some friends and we had a bunch of tents from Poler [an outdoor retailer] and my friend was like, 'Let's set the tent up over here and take a picture.' And I was like,'What? Why are you doing that?' And she was like, 'People do that all the time!' And I was completely caught off guard and thought it was just the most ridiculous thing ever," Jeffery told The Field. "But when we got back home I started noticing how much people really do do that, and I started looking at photos wondering if they were actually legit."

You've probably noticed the adventure photos Jeffery is talking about circulating around social media yourself. People "camping" unreasonably close to water, long exposure shots at night with light in a pitched tent, or hammocks hanging in totally ridiculous places. Jeffery usually doesn't have to look very far to find photos that fit the bill for @youdidnotsleepthere. She looks through the accounts of adventure photographers and, now that she has 100,000 followers, people often tag or direct message her photos. 

Of course, there are people who really have slept in one of the stunningly, scenic spots Jeffery has shared on the account. But that's not the point. "But it's not about being wrong or right at all, it's just about calling out clichés and making people laugh. I have never taken this that seriously," Jeffery told National Geographic

You can check out some of the photos Jeffery has shared on the account below:












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