First He Blocked Shots, Now He's Blocking The Killing Of Innocent Wildlife

An inspirational reminder that life is bigger than a game.

Each year, an estimated 100 million sharks are killed. 73 million of those sharks have their fins used for a Chinese delicacy known as shark fin soup. 

But in China, according to surveys, most people didn't even know the dish — called "fish wing soup" in Mandarin — actually cost the shark its life. That was until former NBA star Yao Ming teamed up with the nonprofit WildAid to help raise awareness.

Since then, sales of shark fin soup have dropped 50-70 percent and 85 percent of Chinese consumers who were asked online said they gave up the meal in the last three years. Even more, 91 percent of people surveyed online are saying they support a nationwide ban of the soup. 

After seeing so much success with shark fin soup, Ming is moving on to other members of the animal kingdom. The 7-foot-6 35-year-old was featured in "Saving Africa's Giants with Yao Ming," a documentary about stopping poachers from killing rhinos and elephants for their tusks and horns. 


And in case you forgot what he did before saving the animal kingdom, watch this:


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