She Was Embarrassed When X-Factor Judges Stopped Her, But Then She Did Something Amazing

Can't stop listening to this.

When Aida Nikolaychuk took to the audition stage for the X-Factor: Ukraine, she was just one of 30,000 hopeful applicants.

When she began her audition selection— Polina Gagarina"s "Lullaby"—she was met with dropped jaws and puzzled glances from the judging panel. Halfway through the song, the judges, suspecting her of lip-syncing or having her audio altered, stopped her performance and asked her to perform the song a capella.

What happened next will amaze you. Click the cc box in the corner to see subtitles in English.

To hear more from Aida Nikolaychuk, the 2012 winner of the X-Factor: Ukraine, please check her out on her Facebook page, iTunes, or her website.

If you'd like to hear the song uninterrupted, here's Aida's final 2012 X-Factor performance, via YouTuber Affe Skillinghaug.

H/T: SF Globe. Thanks to 1natalyana1 for video source.

Please share Aida's incredible talent with your friends. Her voice deserves to be heard worldwide.


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