Twitter Users Are Writing Happy Stories In 4 Words, And They Are So Short And Sweet

Once upon a time ...

You can say so much with just a few words, and when it comes to telling stories, sometimes short and sweet is better than a long-winded novel. Proving this, are the people responding to the trending Twitter hashtag #WriteAHappyStoryIn4Words

Of course the social media platform is no stranger to trending conversations, but these four word happy tales are especially entertaining. They range from the magical, to the hilarious, to the just plain bizarre. For example, one Twitter user simply wrote, "Dog finds his bone," while another person wrote "Everyone finally gets respected." 

We've rounded up a few of our favorite short stories from the hashtag. Check them out below.


1. A story we can all relate to today, as told by Gucci Mane.

2. A beautiful story that would ruin our bank accounts.

3. A happy sequel to our ruined bank account story.

4. A love story we never saw coming.

5. The sweetest story ever told.

6. The MUCH-NEEDED return of an internet legend.

7. A story we all hope comes to life one day.

8. A true happily ever after.

9. A story all "House of Cards" fans can agree on.

10. The story we hope to share after shopping.

11. Another love story.

12. A hump day reminder to keep us going.

Original cover image via  Liana Mikah on Unsplash


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