Wow Air Is Hiring 'Snaptravelers' To Travel The World For Free

Hell of a summer job.

If you consider yourself a "millennial" who likes to "live life and be young," chances are you'd love to travel the world and see all it has to offer. Why wouldn't you? Visiting foreign places is an incredible experience and millennials are doing it so much they're reshaping the travel industry. Frankly, they'd probably do it even more if it wasn't so expensive.

That's exactly the sentiment WOW air's Snaptraveler promotion takes aim at, and if you're creative enough in your application, you might just get to spend this upcoming summer bouncing around the world for free. Since you're a tech-savvy youth, submitting yourself for consideration is pretty much just living your life the way you already do: on Snapchat. First, you create a Snap story in English that's under two minutes long, then you save it, and then you upload it along with your name and social media handles. That's it.

If you're one of the four winners, you'll get to go on four trips varying between three to eight days absolutely free. Flights, hotels, activities, and even a travel allowance will be provided by WOW air. In exchange, all you have to do is, once again, live life on Snapchat. As long as you're documenting the adventure nonstop via WOW's Snapchat account, you're holding up your end of the deal.

So to recap: if you're young, like fun, crave adventure, and use Snapchat all day, you should already be planning the story you're going to submit. The deadline is May 8.


In case you need beautiful images of youths in exotic locales to totally convince you, here's the promotional video:


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