These People Jump From An 800 Foot Building, Then Unclip Themselves For A Jaw-Dropping Experience

BRB, booking a flight to Panama.

Fearless adrenaline junkies have created the world's largest urban zipline in Panama City.

The zipline stretches two thousand feet across the city. The total sliding time is only 7 seconds!

The daredevilish attraction starts from the top of eight hundred-foot White Tower skyscraper.

Sliders must release their parachutes in 4 seconds max, in order to land safely.

The jaw-dropping stunt was filmed using a variety of stunt cameras and a helicam.

The creator behind this crazy zipline is a 31-year-old Devin Graham, otherwise known as DevinSuperTramp.

Watch this video for a guaranteed 3-minute-long adrenaline rush!

Youtube: devinsupertramp

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