When You Turn 103, You Get To Do This. End Of Story.

"Don't let anybody tell you that with age you have to lose anything."

At a senior center in Monclair, California, Mary Cotter sported a Wonder Woman outfit on her 103rd birthday — an outfit fitting for the big occasion.

But KABC reports that Cotter spent her day volunteering, serving up coffee and drinks at the center, an effort she's upheld for 25 years.

The news outlet also explains that her red, yellow and blue birthday outfit, complete with a cape and a crown, was a gift "from her friends, who say she is a real life wonder woman." 


When pressed about her secret to living such a long life, Cotter told KABC she just keeps busy.

And her "busy" lifestyle seems to be working.

"She's like the Energizer bunny that keeps on going," a spokesperson at the senior center, Ester Vargas Pipersky, told The Huffington Post. "She refuses a sit-down job and just wants to keep going. She's very friendly to everyone... Everyone gets a kick out of her." 

Her birthday party, complete with balloons, photos, and banners, gathered together members of the senior center for cake and coffee. And yet for Cotter, it was "just another day [gone] by." 

"Don't let anybody tell you that with age you have to lose anything," Brian Ross, a birthday party attendee, told KABC.

We can only hope to have her spirit on our own 103rd birthdays. 

Be sure to watch the full video below:

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