Women Reveal Their Biggest Failures, And What They've Learned Since

It's OK to mess up.

We've heard it time and time again: it's OK to mess up. It's OK to fail. Because as long as we learn from our mistakes, we can become stronger for them.

This is incredibly evident in a recent video from Glamour magazine, in which women honestly discuss how they've experienced failure and what they've learned from their setbacks. 

"I got laid off three weeks ago," one woman tells the publication. "I actually feel OK. It was a job that I thought I really wanted. I feel a little lost and a little scared, but ... also excited." 

Later in the video, the same woman says she's decided she wanted to live a "purpose-driven life," or one that focuses less on what she thinks she should be doing, and more on what will make her happy.

Not only does the video provide a positive outlook on negative circumstances, but it proves we are all in this together, and there's no harm in admitting when we mess up.

Check out more from the video below:


Cover image via Antonio Guillem I Shutterstock

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